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Truck & Car Window Tint

LINE-X® installs window tint films that are durable, scratch resistant and guaranteed to last. Utilizing groundbreaking heat rejection tech and UV blocking, your protection and comfort is our priority.

  • Blocks 99.9% of damaging UV-Rays
  • Up to 66% total solar energy rejection
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • No Fading or Discoloration
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Available in Color Stable, Deep-Dyed
    and Nano-Ceramic IR film options

Line-x Quality + Guarantee

LINE-X Tint Solutions carry the industry leading Lifetime Manufacture Warranty you’ve come to expect from the top name in truck upgrades.

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Added Protection + Custom Look

Protection From

Harmful UV Exposure
Excessive Heat & Discomfort
Blinding Sunlight

Interior Fading & Deterioration
Window Shatter
Potential Theft

Grand Rapids Window Tinting

Window tint installers for a variety of tint on trucks, jeeps, cars or other vehicles.

Why choose LINE-X?

Every drive to work or trip to the supermarket exposes you and your passengers to the harmful UV radiation. With LINE-X Tint Solutions, you can block 99% of UV rays.

Interior fabrics, plastics and leather are also protected from UV damage which can cause deterioration and fading .

Whether you’re looking for increased privacy and security in your vehicle or UV protection, LINE-X can help. Put your protection first with LINE-X Tint Solutions.


  • Guaranteed to maintain solar reflective properties without cracking or crazing
  • Guaranteed to maintain adhesion without blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass
  • Guaranteed to maintain the film’s color and never fade to purple

Deep-Dyed, Color Stable vs Nano-Ceramic IR

Deep-Dyed, Color Stable

Shatter and scratch resistant

Non-metalized — will not interfere with GPS/satellite signals

Up to 42% total solar energy rejection

Available in 5%, 16%, 20%, 35%, 43%, 50% and 70% shade tint

Blocks up to 99.9% UV rays

Nano-Ceramic IR

Highest quality, most efficient window tint film available

Blocks infrared light as well as ultraviolet light

Shatter and scratch resistant

Blocks up to 99.9% UV rays

Available in 4%, 18%, 38%, 51% and 86% shade tint

Non-metalized – will not interfere with GPS/satellite signals