RV Roof repair & Restoration

Imagine taking roofing fabric and infusing it with the highest grade silicone money can buy. As each piece of the Crazy Seal System cures, fiber strands bond to each other in a complex interstitial network that delivers the strength of roofing fabric with the durability, flexibility, and longevity of silicone. The result is a seamless, fiber reinforced roofing membrane that is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, tough, and maintenance free.

Fortified RV Roofing with Crazy Seal

You want a roof on your RV that can handle everything you throw at it and stand the test of time. With the Crazy Seal Roofing System, it is one and done! With this seamless roofing system you’ll be cruising with the best RV roofing system money can buy.


high grade fiber-infused

silicone based system


highly reflective

scratch resistant

flexible, and tough


Nothing takes a beating like an RV roof.

Driving an RV down the road is like setting off a mini earthquake. You want a roof on your RV that can handle everything you throw at it and stand the test of time. With the Crazy Seal Roofing System, it is one and done! Properly apply our seamless roofing system and you’ll be cruising with the best RV roofing system money can buy.

Imagine applying a roofing system to your RV that would outlast the RV itself! The founders of Crazy Seal developed our product for the RV’er looking for a permanent, DIY solution to their roofing needs. Better by design, our high grade fiber-infused silicone based system is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, and tough.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Rather than putting a bandaid on a problem, do it right and do it once with the Crazy Seal roofing system.


Reflective properties help reduce interior temperature and A/C expense.


THE Crazy Seal system is extremely light. It will not add stress to your roof or chassis.


The Crazy Seal system is designed to perform in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.


The Crazy Seal system is extremely flexible, allowing it to flex without cracking.


RV Roof Repair Results


24′ Over Existing Membrane

Fiber-infused, making it scratch resistant, strong, & tough.

37′ Over Existing Membrane

Seamless, maintenance free roof. Won’t crack, chip, peel, or streak.


45′ Over Existing Membrane

Resistant to mold penetration, fungus, salt, acids, and overall is chemical resistant.


28′ Over Existing Membrane

Can be installed directly to decking. No existing roof membrane is required.

18′ Direct To Deck Roofing

Designed to be puncture and tear resistant. Great for whatever craziness your roof encounters!


36′ Direct To Deck Roofing

Offers superior UV protection with high reflectivity.

Why We Use Crazy Seal For Your Roof


The application of this system completely flips the roofing equation upside down. In typical roofing, you have a substrate like rubber, EPDM, etc. that is laid down first with adhesive. Roof components are then installed on top of this substrate with screws, tacks, and nails creating hundreds of potential leak points. Then a layer of sealant is applied on top of the penetrations. At this point, the only protection over those penetrations is that layer of sealant, which over time can rot or deteriorate, leaving your roof vulnerable to water intrusion.


Deterioration leading to water intrusion can be incredibly destructive to your RV and everything inside. This roofing system offers superior waterproofing capabilities.


Our system begins first by using our specially formulated caulk and mastic to seal all seams and penetrations. From there a final membrane is applied on top of the sealed penetrations. The entire roof is now sealed under one giant chemically bonded molecule. All components are derived from the same base formula and merge seamlessly together into a single membrane. The end result seals all penetrations and fortifies your roof with a seamless, custom fit membrane covering every square inch of your roof.

RESTORATION Transformations

Crazy Seal is a weatherproof, fiber-infused silicone, fluid-applied membrane.

Applying Crazy Seal to any weathered roof substrate will help ensure it is protected against degradation caused by harsh UV rays, severe weather, mold and mildew. It will not chalk or blister. The unique fiber-infused silicone makeup of Crazy Seal remains permanently flexible yet strong. 

Slide the center bar back and forth to see the before and after transformations!

Winnebago Arial Before Winnebago Arial After


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