Job Description
We are looking for off-road enthusiasts to join our sales team.
Fast-paced, progressive business requires your help.  Do you have a passion for Jeeps and trucks? Looking for career growth? Looking for better benefits? Looking to bring your sales experience to the industry leader in truck and jeep accessories? LINE-X of Grand Rapids is the place!

What do you need to know how to do?
Assist customers with product inquiries and sales
Meet weekly and monthly sales objectives
Pitch monthly sales promotions
Assist in inventory control and stocking
Support team members daily

What do you need to have?
Consumer sales experience in a retail environment
Automotive experience preferred
Knowledge of 4 wheel/off-road product

What else will you learn?
Estimate costs and completion times at point of sale. Clearly communicate them to customers.
Assign jobs to technicians based on skill level and current resource utilization.
Review work-in-progress to ensure quality and timeliness.
Prepare parts orders

Working with us is definitely not for everyone. We make things better. We make truck beds outlast the truck. We make the bottom of your vehicle the least rusty part. Heck, even the Pentagon is covered in LINE-X. Just look what it did for this watermelon
And we’re not just looking for skills and experience. Having shared values is just as important.

Here are ours:

Progress over perfection: Taking regular imperfect action towards your intended goals.

Positive people yields positive results.

Hungry to learn and grow: Staying still is just as bad as moving backwards. Staying curious and always seeking to learn and grow is the surest way to creating a big future.

Discover over create: Why spend countless hours solving something that’s already been solved?

Do it anyways: There will always be some amount of doing things that we’d rather not. Hard work is required in order to achieve great things.

Who this is NOT for:

You have no desire to do it better next time

Getting dirty is the worst thing that will happen to you today

You think losing your keys is an acceptable reason to not show up

You’ve ever said the words “not my job”

You feel the need to smoke, vape, chew or put random objects in your mouth while working

You can’t take being ridiculed for leaving your tools spread out everywhere

Think you’re a fit?
We need someone who is
Resourceful and can read between the lines and figure s#$t out in a pinch
LOVES improving systems and making things better
Willingness to learn
Has a borderline obsessive knack for those little details to help ensure things get done right

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